Pecan Valley Pecans: Nut Shellers

Texan "York" Nut Sheller

R.D. "Shorty" York, who owned York Body and Fender Works in San Angelo, invented the popular sheller after watching a squirrel peel a pecan. York got a patent for the sheller in 1945, and the device went on the market in November 1953.

York got his idea for the aluminum sheller with blades from a pair of pliers. The instrument operates by means of a pliers-type handle, with sharp teeth to bite off the ends and sides of the nut, producing perfect halves.

A shield to direct the falling hulls into a container was an addition demanded by the inventor's wife who grew weary of picking up nut shells from the living room rug. By removing the shield you have a great tool for lobster and crab legs.

Improvements have been made over the years, including replacement teeth, and handles shaped to fit your hands. These days plastic sleeves are fitted on the aluminum handles to keep users' hands from getting black. And the aluminum shield has been replaced by high-impact plastic.

The Texan "York" Nut Sheller is the finest tool for removing shells from all kinds of nuts, including Pecans, Brazil Nuts, English Walnuts, Almonds, and Filberts. (Not recommended for Black Walnuts or Macadamians).

Left handed models are available by request. The handles are made of the finest cast aluminum. The shell deflector shield allows indoor nut shelling without making the mess that nut crackers create.

Texan "York" Nut Sheller

The "York" Nut Sheller is so easy to use. Just clip the ends and sides of the nut and perfect halves are produced.

Price $ 12.99

Left Handed Texan "York" Nut Sheller

The Left-Handed "York" Nut Sheller has been fully adapted for left-hand use.

Price $ 12.99

Texan "York" Nut Sheller Fix-It Kit

The Fix-It Kit for the Texan “York” Pecan Sheller consists of two double sharpened, tempered steel blades and a replacement spring. These usually last for about 600 to 800 pecans.

Texan "York" Nut Sheller Fix-It Kits

Steel blades and a replacement spring to repair your Texan "York" Nut Sheller.

Price $ 3.99

Hambright’s "Nuti-Budi” Nut Cracker

In early 1985, John W. and Jerry Hambright had an idea for a new nutcracker. Most nut crackers on the market at that time were either a compressive type or a rubber band type, both being very messy and awkward to use.

After perfecting their “torsion leverage” type nutcracker, the Hambright brothers decided to do a patent search in the summer of 1988. In September of 1988 this search was complete with a clear sign to proceed with applying for a patent. The actual patent was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington on July 31, 1990.

The Nuti-Budi Nutcracker is an amazingly simple tool requiring less effort than conventional nutcrackers. Its unique twisting “torsion leverage” action cracks the shell without making a huge mess, at the same time leaving the meat of the nut intact.
  • Made of solid hardwood with urethane retainers.
  • Material and workmanship are guaranteed for life
  • Cracks pecans exceptionally well
  • Easy twist action cracks the nut leaving he meat intact.
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Fun to use. Everyone will want to try it.
  • It is designed to crack, pecans, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts and English walnuts. (It is not designed to crack hickory nuts or black walnuts.)
The Nuti-Budi Nutcracker is constructed of solid hardwood making it very durable and a long-lasting conversation piece. Everyone will want to try it!

Hambright’s Original Nuti-Budi Nut Cracker

Nuti-Budi requires less effort than conventional nutcrackers. It allows you to shell a large quantity of nuts quickly, safely and with less fatigue!

Price $ 13.95

Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker

The Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker is the perfect tool for cracking shells on all kinds of nuts, including Pecans, Brazil Nuts, English Walnuts, Almonds, and Filberts. You can even crack hard-shelled nuts like Black Walnuts or Macadamians.

Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker

All-steel machine construction with attractive hardwood base and soft plastic handle. Cracks soft-shelled nuts, faster, better and easier than before.
Price $ 14.99

Texan Inertia Nutcracker

The world's most popular cracker is back! This fun to use nutcracker was invented by Dr. Haywood Turner in Columbus Georgia. It derives it's distinctiveness from it's source of power and the results it achieves—it produces "whole kernels".

Dr. Turner noticed that while his wife was cracking pecans there was a space between the shell and the nutmeat and if a quick impact could be provided the shell would shatter before reaching the meat.

The means for providing the quick impact was decided upon to be common rubber bands producing kinetic energy (energy produced by motion) and the desired results of whole kernels was produced by a restriction in travel of the impact transmitted through a piston to the nut.

The impact was contained by placing a heavy anvil on the other side of the nut. Since heavy means difficult to move because of inertia, hence, the name "inertia nutcracker". The cracker itself is classified as an impact type nutcracker. Cracks soft shell pecans with ease.

Texan Inertia Nutcracker

The Texan -Inertia Nutcracker is made from the finest red oak and aluminum extrusions. The nutcracker is rubber band powered for fun and easy use.

Price $ 25.99

Texan Inertia Nutcracker Rubber Band Kits

Texan Inertia Nutcracker Rubber Band Kits

Price $ 2.99

Kinetic Kracker

Our Kinetic Kracker is a fan-cooled gear motor driven machine that cracks a nut with each revolution. Anvil automatically adjusts to any length nut. Will not over crack or crush. Cracked nuts drop out bottom of cylinder into your pan or onto table. Adjustable shield prevents shell splatter. Only one part to remove or replace if or when changing from cracking extreme differences in diameter of nuts.

Kinetic Kracker

Custom Order, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.
Price $379.99